Companionship, Relief Care and Sitting Service

Community Care Support provides a companion service where we will match you with a support worker who has similar interests as you. This service can also be used as a sitting service for relatives or friends who want a break from looking after a loved one. You can use this time to chat, reminisce or engage in any other activities within the home and community.

Time and again if you need someone to talk to or reminisce we can allocate a support worker with similar ideas to you. This is also a service for families who require a break or relief. Our experienced care workers will be able to look after your loved ones while you are away.

Sitting service computer support can provide a carer can provide company to a relative yourself, maybe you would need to go shopping or out with friends for a meal but can’t due to caring all being cared for but another person. This enables a person to have someone different to talk to while giving respite for another.

Community Care Support provides a companionship service. Living alone or being confined to home can be lonely make those ticking hours very long. This service is ideal for people who want to speak with someone from time to time. This could be to reminisce or chat about any current affairs.Your allocated companion can also be there to help you access community activities such as a trip to the pub, community clubs, cafes, garden centres and further afield.

Community Care Support will aim to allocate you a worker who has similar humor and interests for your self. Community Care Support is aware main carers require a break from their full-time responsibility. This could be for a holiday or just a few hours? The break is very important to help you maintain your caring role and not feel burn out. Our care workers can offer a sitting service or full relief support.

Our sitting service and relief visiting service is to support a vulnerable person on a short-term basis when their main carer is away. The service is also essential when additional support is required on a temporary basis especially after hospitalisation.