Day Opportunities

This service is mainly for people who are active and wish to fully participate in activities within the community. Community Care Support offers day opportunities with a difference. Rather than just going out and spending time within one setting, we will draft with you a support plan which will involve planning some activities within the community. This will give you opportunities for both one to one and group support.We hope this will give you variety and enable you to enjoy all community-based opportunities available to everybody else.

We do understand that there might be other people who due to some reasons might not be able to actively participate in our community focused services. This is fine too; we do offer some activities such as craft sessions, bowling, reminisce sessions, bingo, sensory service, hydrotherapy, feet messaging among other services.

Community Care Support does not limit the scope of the services we provide. We will strive to meet your needs and support you to enjoy your day out. We have been known to support people in the past who had a passion for boot sales, banger racing, fishing and going to scape yards.

Wider Skills – Educational services
The world is changing, and we rely more on technology. Sissy support offers or can facilitate courses such as creative writing, using emails, the Internet, selling online and basic computer skills. We also provide basic training in care.