Contact Supervision

Community Care Support provides independent, discreet, unbiased supervised contact services. This could be contact between parents and children, siblings and other relatives. This service is to ensure the safety of vulnerable people and accurately record all activities during contact. Our supervision sessions could be at our premises, in the home and the community.

Our aim is to ensure all participants enjoy their contact as naturally as possible. We will promote and support better interaction and relationships of all participants.

Our trained support workers will write a report of each session starting from the moment the contact started, play, interaction and the end. These professional, impartial reports could be used by other professionals.

The service can be requested by professionals such as social workers and solicitors. It can also be requested entirely by families who just want a record of all contact especially between people who do not live together.

Community Care Support does recognise the pressures that can affect individuals during family and court proceedings. Our role is to ensure contact takes place smoothly without any harm to any participant.